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This unique Medicine Woman combines ancient wisdom with modern science to inspire personal discovery and transformation.


She believes deeply that we are in a new era of possibility where we are being called to recognize and access our real identity and potential as more than just humans on Earth. There is a new balance of mysticism and real-world function where we get to become our Highest Selves in a way never before available!

For the mission of activating our higher potential, she combines many methods from traditional healing to modern mindset to discover the shortest path to extraordinary!


She teaches how to heal mind, body, emotion, and spirit:
* introspective practices and transcendence disciplines
* herbalism and sacred medicines
* lifestyle and habit engineering
* mindset training and perspective evolution
* personal and professional development 


Her favorite disciplines combine traditional and revolutionary:
* Sacred Medicine practices
* shamanic and energy healing

* ritual and ceremony
* modern empowerment methods such as NLP
* regression hypnosis
* subconscious and superconscious reprogramming



Let’s Work Together!

Available for Festivals and Speaking Engagements

So excited to connect with you!
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